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Monday, December 06, 2010

New Project

I started a new project this week. It is my father's Christmas gift. It's an afghan (crocheted). I got the pattern from the Lion Brand free pattern data base (I LOVE them!) So far, so good. It's coming along rather quickly. I am in hopes that he will like it. He requested a small throw that I made for myself and my mother earlier this year but, after making it twice, I really didn't want to make it again. Also, it did not match the room he wants to put it in (though he aparently can not see that) and this one that I am making will. :) I love my daddy so I am sure he will love it. I will post pics and updates as I move forward. This is the tiny bit I got started a day or so ago. I have more done now but I haven't taken new pics yet.

The other colors involved are burgundy and chocolate brown. I think it will be really nice once it all comes together. Let's hope so! 

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