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Friday, December 31, 2010

Recent Fiber Art Projects

I haven't posted much during the holidays -- mostly because I've been insanely busy. But I thought I would post a short entry recapping the projects I have finished/started the past couple of weeks. If you are interested in any of the patterns, let me know.

A scarf for my nephew, Wyatt.

A scarf for my nephew, Eli.

A scarf for my niece, Leandra.

An afghan for my dad.

       A scarf for my niece, Samantha.

A starfish cloth for me.

A hat for my mom.

I completed all of these except the starfish cloth in about 2 weeks! It was a hurricane of needles and hooks in my house! I had a good time doing them but I am glad that they are finished now. I love making things for people but I hate feeling like I have a deadline for my knitting and crochet. :) It's not over quite yet. I have one more family Christmas celebration at the end of January as well as 2 birthdays in January that I want to finish some gifts for. But at least I have a month this time! :) I'll post those as they are complete as well. Best wishes in the New Year!

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