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Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Beauty God Made

This is not really needle-craft, nor fiber-art related but I felt the need to post. I have developed a slight addiction to Pinterest. Recently, I have been pinning photos of gorgeous places around the world that I have either been to or would love to some day visit. They are extremely varied in climate, scenery, location, terrain, etc., but they are all breathtaking. I want to share of few of them with you.


The British Countryside

Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Minnesota


Durango, Colorado

French Coast

Irish Coast

Mount Roraimo, Venezuela


New River Gorge, West Virginia

Scottish Highlands


Rural China



 I guess the point of this quaint post is to say that I am stunned by the beauty that God has surrounded us with. There is nowhere you can go on this planet and not find something of inexplicable, natural beauty. Seasons change, people are born and die each day, and yet Earth never stops shining with beauty. Take sometime to be thankful for nature and the awesome creation that is life.

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