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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Something Old, Something New...

... it's not borrowed but it's blue! (I know, I'm a total nerd.) I have been going through all the things that I brought home from my Grandparent's estate lately. I came across this kitsch recipe holder:

I loved the idea of a counter top recipe holder that would stand there and let me read my recipe as I am cooking. But it was really beat up and.. well... ugly. So I decided it needed a makeover. I knew I wanted blue and silver/gray to go with my kitchen. My first attempt was good but not quite what I was looking for:

So I decided to tape it off and go for another look...

I was very happy with the final result. I love this it is still kitsch a throwback to the 1950's/1960's in design but with a more modern take in appearance. 

I took it apart. I painted the pedestal gray and the flat board blue. I did a couple of coats. After the last coat was sufficiently dry, I made a checkerboard with painters tape. I then painted it all gray, with just 1 coat. I wanted some of the blue to show through the gray. I wasn't overly specific about the way I cut the painters tape. I wanted to edges to be a little rough. I pulled the tape up as soon as I was done painting, which also helped with the "rough-edges" look. I painted the hooks gray by hand also although, were I to do it again, I would probably spray them. After it was all dry, I sprayed the whole thing with acrylic clear coat for a little bit of a shiny appearance. All in all, I am very pleased with it.

So what about you? What things do you have lying around that house that you can give a little makeover to? I love making old things new again!

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